Data Security Services s.r.o.

We are experts in cyber security and data protection.

We offer services in the field of risk analysis, compliance, security strategies development, processes and standards development, IoT administration, penetration testing, security audits, implementation of security frameworks and GDPR implementation.


Cyber Security and data protection is often underestimated but important and required in every company. Its neglect can cause damage in order of millions crowns. Data Security Services s.r.o. offers tailor-made solutions to from businesses small ones to enterprise.


Our team has 15 years of experience in cyber security and IT. We have implemented and managed security solutions for all companies of all sizes (small to international corporations).

We hold certificates in following areas:

ITIL - system for information technology planning and management

OpenFAIR - process for quantitative risk analysis execution

OSCP -  hands-on penetration testing certification, requiring holders to successfully attack and penetrate various live machines in a safe lab environment


We'll do everything from analyzing your current security situation in your business and designing a solution, through supplier selection and deployment plan, through implementation and delivery to production. We guarantee quality and compliance with a predetermined budget.


We are not developing a solution that is endlessly dependent on our presence. Thanks to our thorough and functional training, you will be able to effectively manage your security yourself.


Media sometimes creates panic through randomly selected security issues. You, thanks to a comprehensive solution and systematic measures, remain calm. You will avoid impulsive purchases of overpriced tools and services. And if something really goes wrong, you can deal with it effectively.

We were running an IT Security Service Team mainly providing Vulnerability scanning-, vulnerability management-, patch management and virus protection services. Tomas was key contributor in our team and accountable for setting up the vulnerability and patch management area. Overall it was a pleasure for me to work with Tomas as an expert and colleague and I can give him absolutely my best recommendations.

Markus Scheideggerformer Head of TIS IT Security, Novartis

Data Security Services s.r.o.

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